When buying apartments on plan

Discover how buying apartments on plan direct from the developer can be your optimal solution when looking to invest in a new home.

Apartments on plan for sale: Napa Valley Apartments, Kappara

Napa Valley Apartments is the most recent development project by TSG Property Management Services Limited for MyKappara. 
Located on Triq id-Durrajsa, Kappara, Malta, Napa Valley comprises 20 apartments, 2 penthouses,19 interconnecting underlying lock-up garages and 3 car ports. 
Completion date for this fantastic development is 2020 and it is currently being sold finished on plan.

What does buying an apartment on plan mean?

Buying apartments on plan means buying a property based on the developer’s architectural plans and artist’s impression. You pay a deposit and sign a convenium / promise of sale before the property has been built or is in the progress. and settle the balance when the construction has been completed and the final contract can be entered into. 
Although this may sound risky, there are some definite advantages when buying on plan apartments such as having the option to alter the mechanical and engineering services and flooring. And when you choose to buy direct from developer TSG Property Management Services Ltd, your legitimate concerns are minimised. 

Benefits of buying apartments on plan

A brand new home
It is undisputable that moving into a brand new home has a certain charm to it. With newer appliances and fixtures, the latest designs and updated architectural elements, this is one of the most prevalent reasons buyers choose to buy a newly built home rather than opt for resale properties.
Better value
Pay only 10% deposit initially and the balance of payment on construction meanwhile, enjoy appreciation of your property value from the time you pay the deposit.
Customisation options
Choose your finishes, fixtures and fittings, such as floor tiles, bathrooms and interior doors, according to your own taste, within the stipulated budget and as advised by the developer.
Can plan ahead for installations
Avoid ruining recently done up walls and workmen coming and going after you’ve moved in. Factor in wiring for your high speed internet connection, home automation systems, security systems, sound proofing and air conditioning to your property during construction and finishing stages, keeping it neat, clean and efficient.
Cost-effective and energy-efficient
Rely on the quality construction of a newly built property to be more energy efficient than its older counterparts. Eco-friendly materials and up-to-date building codes help contribute to a more efficient home. 
No maintenance required
Avoid maintenance issues for the first few years and rest easy. Your building, your appliances and every aspect of your home is brand new and under guarantee.
Easy living environment
Relish living in a friendly and upmarket neighbourhood. Our developments are located in well-maintained residential areas which increase the value of your property, while rules regarding building works, common areas, pets and conduct reduce neighbour disputes to a minimum.
Buying apartments on plan has never been so easy. Buy direct from the developer and contact us for more information.